Best Floor Jacks for the Money – Top Picks & Reviews

A floor jack allows you to lift your vehicle and provides access to the goodies underneath. Whether you want to inspect your car from below for wear and tear or damage or wish to perform some repairs, a floor jack should be your go-to tool. This handy tool uses minimal effort on your behalf to lift astonishingly high weights, and can often come in portable forms, helping you be prepared for any emergencies that may arise. With a tool that is so useful, and so important for performing repairs, you would wish to get the best quality to ensure that your vehicle isn’t damaged.

Best Floor Jacks For The Money – Top Picks & Reviews

We have thus compiled some of the best floor jacks that we could find for you, along with extensive reviews so that you can make the right choice for yourself and your beloved vehicle

Arcan XL2T Black

If you are seeking a sturdy yet compact floor jack, Arcan’s XL2T Black model is the perfect choice for you. The jack can lift almost any vehicle that you can throw at it and has a high-range lift that should be very useful to anyone working in repairs. It is extremely reliable and allows for quick and easy access to the underside with minimal efforts being required. This product is a reliable one that you can trust and should be the perfect tool for both professionals and home-based users. What makes this model stand out? Well, let’s find out!

High Weight Lifting Capacity

Lifting more than the stated weight with a product can be dangerous. However, this should not be an issue with the Arcan XL2T Black because the model wouldn’t let you go over the limit. With a two-tonne capacity, this floor jack can lift almost any vehicle that you can throw at it, including some of the smaller trucks!

High Lifting heights

If you thought the weight was the only thing Arcan excelled in, then you’re in for a surprise. This jack, along with having a two-tonne weight lifting capability, can also lift your car to two whole feet! That should give you a lot of room to get under and repair the problematic areas.

Reasonable Lower Height Limit

One of the crucial aspects of floor jacks come in the form of the lower height limits. What good is a jack that can not get under your car, after all? The Arcan pinches away the crown with ease in that department as well, going as low as 2.75 inches. It’s hard to think of any vehicles that are lower than that!

Extra-long chassis

Some manufacturers tend to put the jacking welds far from any of the car corners. What helps to reach those would be a longer chassis. Arcan refuses to let us down in that department, and provides a 32 inch long chassis! No “jackpots” can escape from that beast!

High Quality

Perhaps what places this jack as our top choice, is the high levels of quality that Arcan has managed to produce. With their jack easily adherent to all the relevant safety standards, and rigid U-join connections, this jack should be able to take care of anything that you throw at it with no risk of damage to you (unless you cross the acceptable limits, that is!) A dual pump also greatly enhances the quality of pumping. However, there have been complaining about the product is very poorly packed, which Arcan should definitely look into since it makes no sense to produce such a high-quality product and then to package it with little care.

High Value For Money

At under 250 dollars, this jack is quite a grab! For that low an amount, you get unmatched quality, great lift heights and capacities, and an all-purpose jack. It can not get better than that!

Not The Most Portable

Given the amount of service that this jack can provide you with, it was bound to be huge. At a par-three-feet length and a nearly 100-pound weight, this product is not easy to carry around with you at all times.

  • Great value for money
  • High weight capacity
  • A great amount of lift
  • Can get low enough for most cars
  • Impeccable quality
  • Safety standards are complied with
  • Huge chassis

  • Very bulky and hard to carry
  • Packaging quality is extremely bad
  • Limited warranty

OTC 1533 Aluminum Racing

If portability is your priority, then perhaps this should be your go-to choice. While the Arcan model was extremely bulky, this should be considerably easier for you to walk around with. Made specifically with lightness in mind, this floor jack will work very smoothly for most vehicles and you should have no trouble lifting heavy weights either despite how less-capable it seems!

Great Weight Lifting Capacity

With a capacity to lift over two tonnes, this floor jack is just as capable as our top pick! Throw whatever car you wish to at it, and it will lift it with ease, and even take on some bulkier vehicles like smaller trucks.

A Relatively Smaller Lift Height

Reaching a maximum of just 18 inches, this floor jack raises the cars considerably lesser than most others. However, this should generally be enough for most users anyway, and should not be too much of a problem.


A standing edge of this model comes in the form of its lifetime warranty. Without the fear of ever being stuck without replacements, you can rely on this floor jack to last you your lifetime. If you seek a model that you can make a one-time investment in, look no further, OTC is your pick!

Relatively higher low-height limit

Although most consumer cars are at least 4 inches over the ground, you might have trouble using this model with certain cars. With the lowest possible height on this jack being at 3.5 inches, it isn’t the best in that department.

Good Value For Money

While the model costs just as much as the Arcan and is less capable, the lifetime warranty makes it a great value for money. With a budget of under 250 dollars, you can now own this floor jack forever!

High Quality

Made with airplane grade aluminum, and tested to perfection, this jack will give you nothing to complain about in the quality department. While some customers note that it tends to leak after a few years, the lifetime warranty should get you covered!

Very Lightweight

Aluminum plays a major role in helping this floor jack shine. The lightweight sturdy metal allows for this floor jack to weigh in at only 43 pounds! If you are looking for something portable, this should be your definite go-to option, as you would find it near-impossible to find a jack that bests this!

  • High-quality sturdy build
  • A lifetime warranty period
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Great weight lifting capacity

  • Leaks at times
  • Smaller maximum and higher minimum lift heights

JEGS Performance Professional Series 80006

We had trouble deciding between the OTC model and the JEGS model given the similarities between both of them. In the end, however, both of them made it to our list. Similar to the OTC model, JEGS floor jack is a lightweight option which can lift enormous weights, and costs considerably lesser as well. There were some issues that customers faced in regards to quality, however, which made us push it below the OTC model.

Great Weightlifting Capacity

The model, like both the others we reviewed, can lift up to 2 tonnes solidly and without an issue. That is more than enough for almost all users unless you’re a professional working for trucks and the like.

Reasonable Heights

Going as high as 19 and a quarter inches and as low as three and a half, while the product does not offer the best of heights, they are decent enough for almost all users.

Limited One Year Warranty

The warranty of this model isn’t the best, with a very limited one-year offering that fails to cover for most of the customers.

Saddle Rotates 360

With a saddle that can rotate a full 360, this model ensures that you do not have to constantly move your jack around to fit it under your car. This option allows for the manoeuvre to be a whole lot smoother, something that we most definitely appreciated!

Somewhat Okay Quality

Quality isn’t the fort of this jack, with a number of reviews stating that the pistons tend to break after a certain number of uses. With no warranty, that can be quite risky.

Reasonably Priced

While it is as cheap as it gets at under 200 dollars, given the low warranty and quality issues, we believe that the price is only reasonable and not super-appreciable.

Super Lightweight

Rival to the OTC model, the aluminium-based floor jack weighs at just around 50 pounds. With this light of a weight, you should have no trouble at all with portability.

  • Very reasonably priced
  • Reasonable height limits
  • Supremely lightweight
  • Saddle rotates 360
  • Can lift up to 2 tonnes
  • Limited warranty
  • Not the best quality
  • Not the best height limits

Neiko Pro 20272B

While this jack has everything that could have let it to top our list, we believe that this is simply not the best fit for most customers. It can lift more than any other model that we reviewed, but that extra amount of lifting is simply not fit for most people that would rather have a higher actual lift or lower minimum limits, such as the ones that Arcan manages to provide. All the same, we can not let this wonderful floor jack out of our top picks!

A Huge Weight Lifting Capacity

With a capacity to lift up to three tonnes, this floor jack outdoes almost all others in terms of pure power. It will be hard for you to find a vehicle that it can not easily lift!

Very LightWeight

For the high weight that it can lift, this floor jack is surprisingly lightweight. With only 57 pounds under its belt, you can carry it almost anywhere.

Rubber Base

A rubber jack base allows for this product to be very helpful in ensuring that the vehicles lifted by it are not scratched due to it.

Reasonable Lift Limits

Ranging from near 4 inches to 19 inches, while this jack doesn’t have the best lift limits, they are very reasonable for most of the cases and you shouldn’t have much trouble.

Not Very Mobile

Despite being lightweight, lack of attachments that would allow for the shaft to move more easily, such as rotatable hinges makes it very difficult to use since you would need to place it accurately for it to work

High Quality

The build is made of the highest-grade aluminum and you should not have any issues in terms of quality for the most part, although there are some cases where the customers report leakages. Warranty is available, although the address for the office seems vague.


At over 300 dollars, this floor jack would cost you more than most other models. However, the 50 dollar premium over our top pick can lead to you having the additional tonne of weight lift, something that some customers might wish to make use of.

  • Huge weight lifting capacity
  • High quality with warranty available
  • Does not scratch your car
  • Lightweight

  • Not very mobile
  • More expensive than the competitors

Arcan XL20 Black

With our second Arcan entry in the top five, we can reasonably state that Arcan smashes competition when it comes to making the best floor jacks. With many functionalities similar to the top-rated Arcan model, this more-compact model should be perfect for most of your needs. The singular stand-out feature, however, comes in the form of the price tag. Nothing beats Arcan when it comes to high-quality products within sensible prices!

Can Lift Most Vehicles

Similar to the XL2T model, this model can lift an astonishing 2 tonnes as well, ultimately meaning you can throw almost anything at it and expect it to carry through with ease.


In contrast to the XL2T model, Arcan made this model very lightweight, at only 67 pounds. You can easily carry it around wherever you choose to!

Very Compact

As if lightness wasn’t enough, Arcan went ahead and made this model compact as well. Taking just 26 inches of space, this model is perhaps the most portable among all that we reviewed!

High Quality

If there is one thing that steel manages to do well, it’s to provide unmatched quality. Aluminum might be good enough but nothing beats the quality that Arcan’s steel finish provides!

Not Suited For all Vehicles

The ranges of this jack are understandably low. With a maximum length of 26 inches, the chassis is understandably smaller. The range for the height it can lift to also lies between just 3.5 and 18.5 inches. All the same, these should be enough for most vehicles.

Limited Warranty

The warranty is very limited and does not guarantee any replacements for most issues. While the quality is high, a decent warranty is always nice to have.

Ridiculously Cheap

Priced at under 150 dollars, this product is ridiculously cheap and manages to provide high quality at near half the price of most other similar models!

  • Can lift up to 2 tonnes
  • Very compact
  • High quality
  • Lightweight
  • Very cheap
  • Limited warranty
  • Not suitable for all vehicles due to limited ranges of operation

Buyer Guide

Having read all of the reviews above, you must be wondering what floor jack you should actually buy. Well, don’t worry, we got you covered! We have listed a number of things that you need to consider while buying a floor jack to ensure that you can find the perfect fit for you.

Capacity to Lift a Heavyweight

While most floor jacks can lift most vehicles, it is important to note that some of the 4wds can be above the advised thresholds. If your vehicle crosses the 2-tonne benchmark, be sure to buy a jack that is capable of handling it!

Maximum And Minimum Heights

While the maximum height is usually not an issue, the minimum height can be. If you have a very low car, be sure to measure the distance from the ground and to buy a jack that can actually get under it

Length of Chassis

While most cars do not require extremely long chassis, some might. Be sure to check how far your welding spot is from the car-side and buy your jack accordingly!


If you wish to take your jack along with you on trips, it is usually worthwhile to invest in one that is portable. The smaller the dimensions and the more lightweight a jack is, the more portable it becomes. Aluminum models are usually more portable.


While for an average user any quality should suffice, if you are going to be using the jack extensively, it is worthwhile to invest in one of high quality to ensure that you do not end up with a leaking seal or a broken piston.


A warranty makes the investment worth it. If you plan to buy and keep just one jack for a lifetime, invest in one that offers you a warranty for a lifetime. It is usually very well worth it to do so!

Professional vs Home Usage

For home usage, you should ensure that all the things listed above meet your vehicles. If you are a professional user, however, then it is suggested that you go for the most adaptive one among them, ie. the Arcan XL2T. That should ensure that you are able to work on any vehicle that comes in for repairs, given how low, high, far, and heavy it can go!

How much warranty does my floor jack have?
Most models offer just a year of warranty, you should check the specific company website for more details.
What kind of warranty is offered?
Most models offer a warranty only for the parts that were malfunctioning from the start, ie. production-based flaws. Warranties are not provided for lifting weights over the acceptable limits and abusing the floor jack.
How do I find out the minimum height that I require?
Park your vehicle on a flat surface and measure the distance from the floor to the car base
How long does the chassis need to be?
Measure the distance from the jack wielding spot under your car to the edge of the car to find out the requisite chassis length.
Why does a floor jack leak?
It can leak due to a manufacturer fault ie. the bad quality or due to weight above the acceptable limits being put onto it.
How many pumps does the floor jack need?
You usually need to pump the jack only five to six times to let a good floor jack reach the maximum heights.
Are the jacks US made?
Most floor jacks are manufactured in China and branded in the states
Should I buy a steel floor jack or an aluminum floor jack?
If you favor portability over quality, go for an aluminum floor jack. If you want a sturdier model for constant usage, go for a steel model.


Having seen a comprehensive buying guide as well as reviews of our top picks, we can now conclude this article. Your car is a huge investment, and the utmost care is necessary for it. That makes it very useful for anyone to own tools that can help repair your car. It can not only save you workshop visits but can also be of use when you are on a road trip and need emergency car service.

Floor jacks enable you to reach the important components of a car with ease by letting you get under it and also enable you to quickly change the tyres of your car. That makes them a tool worth owning. With such a tool, reliability and quality are perhaps crucially important. The purpose behind the reviews is to ensure that you get only the best of quality and eventually find nothing to complain about in your selected product. We hope that this has helped you make a perfect choice, befitting for your needs. Irrespective of if you went for an Arcan or a Neiko, we hope that this newfound love for your vehicle drives you through a wonderful time!

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