Best Cordless Drills 2019- Reviews & Top Picks

Are you working in an automobile assembly field? Is your old Cordless Drill out of order? Do you want to buy Cordless Drill but don’t know where to start? Are you looking for a guide about the best cordless drills? If yes, then your luck has brought you to the right place.

An electric drilling machine that works with rechargeable batteries to drill holes I different objects is called a cordless drilling machine. One can also push screws and nails through different objects without harming the quality of objects with these cordless drills. Ease and smoothness should be the primary feature of your cordless drill.

Best Cordless Drills 2019- Reviews & Top Picks

Different companies offer different cordless drills that have unique and versatile features. But in the age of versatility, one does not know who to trust. Well do not worry as our detailed review about the best cordless drills will help you in getting yours. A complete buyer guide is available at the end to ensure that you make the right choice instead of rushing into a substandard cordless drill.

Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX Cordless Drill kit

Performance And Power

Dewalt is the most reliable and high performing motor available in the market, which can cover a variety of tasks by successfully delivering 300 Watts of power. The high-performance machine is capable of dual speed transmissions, i.e., 0, 450 to 1500rmp, which gives you a range of speeds for different drilling jobs. It usually works of 18 volts, but one can increase to voltage to 20 volts to get maximum power output. 1.3 Ampere per hour battery capacity is also considered a good one.

Guard And Handle

Dewalt DCD771C2 has an ergonomic handle to ensure that one gets complete comfort and ease while using it. Moreover, it offers a half-inch single sleeve ratcheting clutch that will allow you to have full control over the machine without feeling tired. The guard must be fitted to the grinder; else it can cause burns or sparks.


A built-in LED light is present in the Dewalt DCD771C2. Unlike other machines that can’ t be used in the dark, a built-in LED allows you to use it in the dark.


The above drill machine is quite durable. First of all, it uses a lithium-ion battery that can be charged. Secondly, it has a compact and lightweight design which reduces its chances to get harmed during transport. The company offers a 3-year warranty as proof of its durability.

  • The drill has its built-in LED
  • Ergonomic handle makes it easier for you to hold it
  • It delivers 300 Watts of power
  • The battery can operate at 18-29 Volts that give high performance
  • One can take advantage of changing the speed as it offers different speed ranges
  • The compact and lightweight design will allow you to hold and store it easily
  • The battery does not give satisfactory results
  • The drill machine is not suitable for heavy work
  • It is an expensive machine that is out of the range of most people


Power Range And Speed

To help you in accomplishing different activities it offers various ranges of speed, i.e., 400 and 1300rmp based upon the type of work you want to do. Dual speed transmission will help in accomplishing both heavy-duty and routine household tasks. 18 voltage of power supply and 350 lbs of optimized torque will also add in the efficiency and power high performance of the drilling machine.

Compact Design And Easy Grip

Unlike other machines that ruin your task due to their heavyweight and bulky structure, BOSCH DDB181-02 has a compact design. Three pounds of weight and comfortable grip will make sure that you have a fatigue-free experience.


Same as other high-end cordless drilling machines, the BOSCH DDB181-02 offers a built-in LED light. LED light ensures its safety in dark and confined spaces.


The company offers a 30-days money back guaranty which will allow you to return it if you are unsatisfied with its efficiency. Moreover, for further assistance, the company promises a one-year warranty for the machine and a two-year warranty for the performance of the battery. The company is bound to replace your device or fix the problem in case of any fault or defect.

  • Offers lightweight and portable design
  • Comes with an additional battery
  • Offers ergonomic grip
  • Delivers high performance
  • Posses a built-in LED light
  • Allows dual speed transmissions
  • Chuck is difficult to handle
  • One can’t use it for heavy-duty tasks
  • The battery is not as impressive as it charges very slowly

Milwaukee 2897-22 M18


Milwaukee 2897-22 M18 is one of the fastest and most powerful machines in the market, generating about 2000rmp of speed. Unlike other drills that use substandard batteries, Milwaukee uses the Red Lithium battery. The XC 5 amp per hour battery ensures high performance and smooth functioning.


It offers up to 1200 in-lbs of torque, which is the highest torque in any cordless drilling machine. 5 amp hour battery is packed inside the machine. The lightweight and high-speed torque will make sure that you get a strong source for drilling.


The drilling machine can easily reach up to 2000rmp of pace to allow you to do your job faster. In addition, the drill has a boosting impact driver that can deliver 1800 in. Lbs of torque with ease.


The Milwaukee 2897-22 M18 is highly durable. Other drilling machines are limited to 1-2 years warranty while Milwaukee offers an exceptional warranty of 5 years.

  • The drill shows high performance due to high torque
  • It can deliver up to 2000rmp of speed
  • The machine has a lightweight and compact design
  • 5- year warranty will allow you to use it for years
  • It has a powerful battery
  • Power and impact driver is exceptionally wonderful
  • Built-in LED is absent
  • The drill creates a lot of mess while working
  • The Milwaukee 2897-22 M18 is exceptionally expensive

Stalwart 89-Piece Cordless Set

Speed And Battery

The stalwart cordless drill works at really high speed, i.e., 550rmp of speed will allow you to do your work quickly without losing time. The drill has a 1500mAh Ni-Cd battery that will enable you to work for hours without any pause. One can use this drill for straight 5 hours without the need for charging or pausing.

Power And Torque

Impressive 18V of power delivery and lightweight design will make sure to give powerful power output. One can even use this drill for difficult jobs and get satisfactory results without wasting much time. Moreover, the torque can be adjusted for accomplishing different tasks. Forward and reverse feature also prove very helpful in DIY tasks.


The cordless drill is explicitly crafted with carbon steel. The highly sturdy and durable material will keep it intact for years. As the company has built this piece with the best stuff so you can use it without any worry for the long term. The included case will allow you to carry it while traveling without posing any threat to its quality.

  • The stalwart cordless set is affordable
  • The design is compact and lightweight
  • The battery has an extended life span
  • The Stalwart cordless set is a powerful device
  • It comes with 89 detachable pieces
  • It is not a high-quality drill
  • It fails to function after some time

BOSCH PS32-02 Cordless Drill


BOSCH PS32-02 is a highly efficient drilling machine that uses 2 Lithium-Ion batteries to perform its work. This !2Volt drill, when combined with 12Ah battery, gives high performance to the tool. Moreover, it offers dual-speed transmission, i.e., 400rmp and 1400rmp that allow you to use it for a different purpose. At 1400rmp the drill works very fast and saves your time.


This drill machine was specifically designed to resist bumps and falls. In addition to the metallic gearbox, Durashield housing is used to craft this drill. Brushless motor is also long-lasting, thus allowing it to withstand 10-foot drops. The housing of the bosch IS FLEXIBLE MADE OF NYLON, which is also tested to withstand falls.


The performance of BOSCH PS32-02 is pretty good. One can use it for an extended period without the need for charging or a new battery. Eighteen pounds of torque adds to its speed and performance.


One can use it for one straight year as the company offers a one-year warranty.

  • It uses dual-speed transmission
  • The lithium-ion batteries are powerful
  • It has a compact and lightweight design
  • The drill is quite durable and long-lasting
  • This drill is quite expensive
  • The Auto-lock chuck is not impressive

Hitachi DS18DSAL

Power And Torque

The higher torque i.e., 460 in. Lbs lead to a higher potential for heavy drill objects. The high voltage of 18V, when combines with 1800rmps of speed, will give you enough power to provide you with the desired results. In addition, it also offers variable speed transmission 2-speed motors, thus allowing you to do your task with extremely high precision and maximum control. 1.5Ah of lithium-ion batteries not only improve ergonomics but also maintain a balance and extend running time side by side.


The Hitachi DS18DSAL is a powerful tool that can drill through hard objects. Although battery-draining time is fast, this is not too bad as it takes the same time to charge. So, one does not have to wait for hours to load it.


The good thing about the battery is that the battery is long-lasting. The company offers a guarantee for two-years for Lithium-ion battery. Moreover, one can contact them via email in case of any problems. The company provides a warranty of 5 years for defects or faults in materials and workmanship.


The powerful 18V lithium-ion battery of Hitachi DS18DSAL is enough to accomplish massive tasks. The packaging consists of two batteries so one can use another if one of them runs out of power. The charging time of the battery is 40 minutes, and the draining time is 36 minutes. One should use one battery and put the other one in charge to keep working for hours without breaks.

LED Light and Safety

The drill has a built-in LED and working light, which will allow you to drill in dark and compact places like attics, basements, and dim garages. A lifetime warranty covers the lithium-ion tool.

Technology And Compactness

The battery uses 18V brushed motor technology for its functioning.

  • A built-in LED and working light is present
  • Power is satisfactory
  • Battery charging time is good
  • It comes with a 5-year Warranty
  • The speed and torques are also impressive
  • The battery drains very quickly
  • No indicator is present to indicate the battery percentage
  • The drill is a little expensive

Porter-Cable PCCK600LB


The porter cable PCCK600LB uses two lithium-ion batteries to perform its activity. The charging time is pretty good i.e., 40 minutes that overcome the fast battery draining trait. But the good thing is that the drill comes with two batteries that will allow you to charge one while using others to enable you to continue doing your task. In addition to the lightweight of the cell, an indicator is present to indicate battery percentage.


The drill offers a pretty good rate i.e., 1600rmp. Moreover, it allows you to switch between two speeds i.e., 400rmp and 1600rmp. The dual-speed transmission enables the users to shift speed for performing different activities. Use 1600rmp for drilling holes, whereas 400rmp is mostly used for screw driving.


The drill is so reliable that it does not really need a guarantee, but the company offers a 3-year warranty for any faults in the drill. The company is not responsible if the drill stops functioning due to the abuse of the drill by the owner. Moreover, you will get free service for one whole year by the company. If one is not satisfied with the performance of the drill, then he can return the drill and get his money back within a time span of one year.


The motor has a power of 330 watts, which is pretty good for daily activities and drilling. The high voltage of 20V and 1.5-ampere-hours battery allow you to use it for heavy-duty work.


Porter-cable has earned its name by giving durable and reliable products. Rubber bumpers are present on the sides to protect it from wearing out. The lightweight and compact design will allow you to use it easily without tiring your hands and fatigue. This also minimizes the risk of breaking of drill due to falls.

  • Torque is low
  • The drill is not suitable for heavy-duty work
  • The speed of transmission is also bad
  • The battery drains very fast
  • The maximum speed of the drill is not impressive



The lithium-ion battery is pretty impressive as it works for longer periods and needs less time for charging than other batteries. It uses the latest technology to hold the battery for hours, even after years of use. The lithium-ion battery is not only reliable, but also it is lightweight. It will prevent your hands from fatigue during your working hours.


At such affordable rates, 20V of voltage source that can produce up to 115in. Lbs of torque. This power is enough to allow you to drill plastic, wood, and even some metals. The drills that have 14 watts of power are considered pretty good.

Speed and Torque

Although the maximum speed of 650rmp is the best feature of this drill, still it is acceptable. Moreover, the battery offers variable speed transmission, which means that you can switch the speed for performing different tasks. The lithium-ion 20V battery produces a torque of 116 lbs.


One does not need to worry about any fault in the drill for a period of 2-years, as the company offers a 2-years warranty.

LED Light And Safety

A built-in LED light is present in the drill that will allow you to use it in dark spaces without any drill. In addition to LED flash, a working light is also present. Lightweight and compact design also add to its safe use.

  • The drill has a built-in LED and working light
  • The company offers a 2-year warranty
  • The power the pretty impressive
  • Battery time is good.
  • 20V of battery is one of the most powerful batteries
  • The drill is inexpensive
  • Torque is low
  • The drill is not suitable for heavy-duty work
  • The speed of transmission is also bad

Buyer Guide

We have mentioned one of the best drills available in the market. But some people have their own preferences for buying cordless drills. So, even if you want to continue your quest, keep reading the article. The things that one should keep in mind for buying the best cordless drill are listed below.


The first thing that one must keep in mind is the high speed of the drill. Waiting several minutes or hours to accomplish your job is hectic, that’s why go for such drills that offer dual-speed transmission. Those drills that can work at 1400rmp are considered excellent ones. They will allow you to complete your work in seconds.


Choose those drills that use Lithium-ion batteries instead of Ni-Cd ones are they are long-lasting. Ni-Cd batteries take more time for charging and contain toxic chemicals, which is why your first preference should be Lithium batteries. The capacity of the battery determines its efficiency and performance.


Do not forget to check the power of the cordless drill before paying a handsome amount of money. In addition to the capacity of batteries and speed, the torque delivered by the drill and power delivered determines its performance. The higher the torque and power delivered, the better. 18-20 Volts of drills are perfect for heavy-duty jobs but go for 12 volts if you want to use it for everyday household tasks.

Size and weight

It is tough to work with a massive weighted and bulky drill as it will tire your hands. So, so for a compact and a lightweight design that provide a grip for your hands. Moreover, lightweight and compact designs are travel-friendly.


Never compromise on the duality and strength of the drill even if you have to pay some extra money. Consider it a lifetime investment. Once you have a high quality and durable machine, you will not need a new one for several years.


Sometimes very high-quality drills fail to function due to some fault in the machine that is where a warranty card comes handy. The longer the warranty lasts, the better. Do not buy a cordless drill if it does not have a guarantee no matter how much promising its features are.

LED Light

An additional Led light feature will allow you to use your drill in the dark. This comes really handy in the hour of need.


Different cordless drills offer different types of handles i.e., T or C shaped or ergonomic handles. T shaped and ergonomic handles make sure to give smooth and firm grip, whereas C shaped handles can slip from your hands.


Do not rush into anything instead go to every aspect of the drill very wisely. Neither pay extra cash for something nor compromise quality over money. Do not get fooled by the promises of a cheap product. Do your own research and chose a drill that offers both quality and reasonable prices at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cordless Drills Better Than corded Drills?
Yes, in the past cordless drills were not able to produce much power because of while their power output and efficiency were meager. But now, most of the cordless drills have high power batters that are way more efficient than the corded ones. But this is not true for all cordless drills. One has to do his research before making a choice. Moreover, who can ignore the secure handling of cordless drills?
Can We interchange Cordless Batteries?
Well, as a matter of fact, no. Do not even attempt it. If you had interchanged your cordless battery will the battery of some other device, then remove it immediately also if it is working fine. Every drill machine is designed differently, so it has its own needs. Interchanging its battery can pose a threat to its proper functioning.
Can I Use My Cordless Drill in The Rain?
Rain is harmful to all kinds of electronics unless they are waterproof. Although a few drops of water will not harm your cordless drill, avoid using it in heavy rain. The lithium or Ni-Cd batteries can not only get killed by the water splashes, but also 12V power is enough to give to a shock, and this current can even kill you.
What Does Dual Trigger Speed mean?
A dual variable trigger switch will allow you to select the speed of the drill according to the task. In case of high duty tasks increase its speed, but if you want to perform regular household work, then select the low rate.
Can We Use a Cordless Drill for Multi Purpose?
The use of the drill depends upon its type and power. Some drills are strong enough to drill stones and metals, while others can barely drill wooden pieces. Get the complete detail of the drill about what kind of materials it can drill as some drills can not be used for multitasking.
What Does LED light Do?
An LED light will allow you to use the drill in dark and compact places. If your drill does not have this feature, then do not use it in the dark because it can injure you.
What is the Best Cordless Drill?
Dewalt DCD771C2 is the best cordless drill available in the market. All the necessary features that one needs are present in it.
Are Brushless Drills Better?
Yes, brushless drills are more efficient and precise.


Our list of the best cordless drills is based upon our personal choice and experiences. But it is up to you that what kind of drill suits you.

According to our opinion, DEwant DCD771C2 20 MAX is the best one among the above 5. If you are looking for high quality and high-performance drill, then go for it. Its only drawback is that it is expensive. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option with high-quality features, then go for BOSCH DDB181-02.

But if you have your own list of preferences, then do not forget our buyer guide before making a purchase. It will make the hectic task of purchasing a lot more comfortable. Our buying guide for the best cordless drills is enough to give you a head start.

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