Best Weed Eaters of 2019 – Top Picks & Reviews

Are you spending money on weed removal regularly? Do weeds in your area creates a lot of dirtiness? Are you in trouble of these fast going shrubs at your home or workplace? Getting rid of these more open chemically reacted weeds is a necessity? If yes, then you are at right place. We have a list of best weed eaters for you to make an easy decision on purchasing it.

Best Weed Eaters of 2019 – Top Picks & Reviews

What are weeds, and how can you get liberated from them? Weed is any unnecessary plant that grows at places where they are not needed, on the land that is specified for some needs certain kind of crop, capturing the area and creating difficulty for anything to grow freely. Weeds are not only a threat to cultivating the land. The roadside weeds lessen the visibility of drivers on sharp curves which can cause accidents.
Firstly in previous time removal of weed was done manually but now for dealing with all these worries weed eaters are used by which deletion of unwanted plants can occur quite quickly.

Weeds eaters are available for commercial and home purposes. One can easily buy the best weed eaters and get buying service at their doorstep. You can find reviews of 5 of the best weed eaters of 2019 that can make your life easier. We have picked these based on user experiences.


Power and Design

This device has new emerging 25cc two-cycle gas engine which doubles the power. It makes the trimming faster. The unique and curved shape makes it stress-free to reach the edgy and unreachable points. Shafts are well balanced, which makes the cutting more easy and comfortable. We also have a transparent view of the area being trimmed.


The CRAFTSMAN WS205 uses three-step operating technology which includes simplified prime, choke, and pull, makes it easier for anyone to set the thing up. It also consists of multiple position handle, which reduces vibration and movement control. The shaft is as straight as an arrow so one can move it through bushes freely.


This product comes with a limited time warranty of 2 years. This much warranty time is enough proof of its high quality and performance.


One of the significant points is its ability to be more versatile. It can be used not only as weed remover but into many other products of lawn care products, due to its ability to be altered easily. This feature of WS205 makes it different than those of competitors. We can also attach some parts of old model weed cutters with it.


The weight of this beautifully designed multi-purposed thing is only 13lbs. It is lighter and can be used comfortably.

  • Convenient with more parts
  • Cheap
  • Double power with a two-cycle engine
  • Two years warranty
  • Fewer vibrations

  • Difficulty in unscrewing

GreenWorks ST80L210


The critical time-saving feature of GreenWorks ST80L210 is its ability to charge fully within 30 minutes. It comes with an array of 80V 2Ah lithium-ion battery. There will be no hustle to search for gas connection.

Power and Design

It comes with a brushless motor part which makes the task more durable and highly performed. Particles in the storage area are tightly packed, due to its split shaft design. This device is well balanced, which makes cutting easy. Its 16-inch size is compatible demanded by the majority of customers.

Speed and Weight

The variability in rate trigger makes it worth buying; you can control the speed according to your need. It gives an equal speed and power of a 32cc gas engine which makes cutting faster and saves one time. The weight of this gadget is 9.8lbs which is not heavier or lighter when compared with its kind.


The best weed eaters are compatible with 4Ah battery as well; it is for people who want more long working time to complete their task. The extended batteries charge in double time. Little complex workload tasks can also be achieved by it.


Greenworks give four-year warranty of all products they sell, and there is a two-year warranty of the lithium battery, one year warranty for sealed acid battery against.

  • Four years of product warranty
  • Compatible with 4Ah battery
  • Powerful
  • Less charging time
  • Saves time
  • Brushless
  • Slightly heavier

BLACK+DECKER LST300 Weed Whacker


If you are looking for a low budget and high-quality product, then this device best suits you. Because it comes under 100$ budget which can be easily managed by weed cutting lovers. The component fixed in it is according to the budget Worth of your money is received if you have plan to buy this device, but the spool is made up of plastic material which has more chance to get damaged, plastic material is used because it has fairly low price.

Compatibility and Battery

The weed cutter also consists of 2in1 multi-functioning trimmer or edger feature, which changes within a couple of seconds. There is an extended 33% more runtime technology with its one 20V lithium battery by which it runs for more than expected time which gives a competitive advantage over rivals. It also has a twisted handle to mold this cutter for uneasy areas where it is challenging to reach straightly.


The next point that this weed eater has, the versatility to change its length to be more adaptive by the majority of buyers, reaching nearer and far places becomes easier. This feature also saves an individual from personally hurting themselves by adjusting the length, depending upon your needs. Automation in spool makes it safer and keep people protected from any hazard.

Warranty and Weight

The assurance of this product is three years limited warranty, which shows how much trust the company has over it. The attracting feature is its mass which is only 5.7lbs.

  • Weightless
  • Cheap
  • Easy to operate
  • Multi-purpose usage
  • Short-tempered battery
  • Plastic spool

WORX WG160.4

Battery and Power

It comes with a high powered battery of 4Ah, which is not singular but comes with two batteries of 2Ah each. It also has a high-speed charging feature, by which we don’t need to wait hours for the device to charge.


The WORX WG160.4 can be converted from edger to mini-mower in less than a minute. The shafts are telescopic, which are adjustable according to the height of different height people. It is a fully automated, single line feed for better efficiency and effectiveness.

Handling and length

Its styling is comfortable there is less vibration produced when the machine is under operation, it causes less fatigue. It has simple parts which are easy to maintain and handlebar.
The whole length along with that of trimmer head is at an angle of 45″. The actual length from the top or tip of its grip towards the hinge above the motor is around 40″.

Price and Weight

When it is compared with related devices in these features price range, it bit on higher point, on the other hand not only price but the weight of this product is also more which is 7lbs for its kind.

  • Double battery
  • Fast charging
  • Adjustable shafts
  • High efficacy
  • Expensive
  • Heavier

Shindaiwa by Echo T3000


Shindaiwa by Echo T3000 is weighed 10.8 pounds. Length, width, and height are 72, 13.78, 11 inches respectively. The straight shaft shape of Bump Feed trimmer comes with a diameter of 0.08 inches.


This powerful machine comes with an everlasting 56-volt and 2Ah lithium Ion battery making it a very power efficient device and gives long working hours with a single battery charge. Its maintenance-free nature makes it work under heavy load.


 The solid steel driveshaft of Shindaiwa by Echo T3000 makes the transfer of power from the motor to trimmer a very smooth and durable process. 1.4:1 gear ratio increases the torque to provide powerful cutting of thick bushes. Speed Feed 400 Bump-Feed Cutting Head & Narrow Line Shield gives long running time, more accurate precision. Moreover, it offers less resistance and is also easily replaceable in the local market. Line twist design provides straight and finest cutting of bushes.


Its 10.8lbs weight and well-balanced design make it easy to handle for a long time period. The rubber made handles give a strong grip and avoid fatigue during operation of the machine. It’s a cordless machine that makes it very portable.

Warranty and Manual

ECHO manufactures, being a trustworthy brand, is giving five years customer and two years battery warranty. The machine comes with a detailed manual for customer support, including all details of important machine operations.

  • Durable and handy
  • Power effective
  • Maintenance-free
  • Cheaper
  • Quick battery drainage

Buyer guide

In order to make a decision which type of best weed eaters you need is to answer some basic questions which are what type of shafts you need straight or curved. And which source of power supply you have gas, petrol or electricity. The primary purpose for it to be best for removal of weeds other than any other of its multi-purpose functions. The essential thing that a customer needs to know is how much money his pocket allows him to spend on the best weed eaters. There are some key features and options available which are under as follow. These all points discussed beneath have importance depends on want.

Power Source

The thing that has the most impact on the buyer is what type of source of generating power is available to him. If he is working outside in a field than a trimmer, which only starts up with electricity is of no use and total wastage of money. Whereas a battery and fuel oriented trimmer best suits for outdoor use. Noise is one of the main issues which causes noise pollution makes it difficult for an individual to work. The gas trimmer produces much sound when operated, so one has to protect their ears with some hearing protective product.

Two-cycle cylinder models are less environment-friendly than four cycled, but in contrast, these are cheaper. One benefit of the electric trimmer is its instant starting capability, and we don’t need to fill up the gas or charge the battery.

Shaft design

The design of shafts is only two, which are then twisted and straight shaft. The twisted shaft is used when one has no reach to places where it is difficult for the straighter handle to go. There are non-adjustable handles which come with some models; this non-adjustability causes trouble for different heightened people to work with the trimmer.

Cost and Quality

The best weed eaters have a long life period, the investment made in it can pass several years, so it’s better to purchase the best quality product. The low amount of weed remover will have more openness to be damaged easily and have less life of its part. So when buying the trimmer, no compromise on quality should be made, which will impact performance for sure.


The gap between shaft and trimmer is kept under consideration due to its drawbacks. If there is a long distance between them, then there is a fair chance of large particles of weed to get around the spot, which will cause difficulty in cutting smaller weeds as well. The stress-free removal of cutting head is also necessary to use it easily.

Vibration and Balance

The vibration and balance can cause muscle fatigue and stress to the body if these are not proper. Slight uneven in the design can cause severe damage to permanent workers who work in long yards. So a gas trimmer will not be suggested to them as it is not as smooth as fuel and batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the meaning of Ah in 20V?
The short form of Ah is Amp-hours. So, it means that the Amp-hours of the machine is 20V.
It comes with how much warranty?
There are different warranties of different models, numerous brands have five years warranty, and some have 3 to 4 years. If there appear any fault in machine, you can claim for an exchange or repair very easily.
Is there any battery charger that is compatible with?
No, it is not good to use any charger because of different voltages which does not only destroys the power of battery but makes its life much less. The device comes with its charger specially designed for specific batteries which have been already fixed in the gadget. So it’s not a good idea to use another charger
Do the batteries used are lithium?
Yes, it comes up mostly with a lithium-ion battery, which is a more potent source than any other.
Can fuel be remained for a more extended period to stay in a container of the device?
No, it will have a negative effect inside because of the formation of gum deposits in the fuel system. Disposing of the fuel is the best strategy if you want to avoid any discrepancy in the fuel system.
How much gap should be there between the spark plugs?
The more common and suitable distance is 0.25 inch.
Why is fuel filter used in it?
The filter is the one which blocks the dust or any other particle from getting into the machine while using it that does a lot of damage; the filter needs to be replaced yearly for better performance.
What type of warranty is given?
The manufacturing defects, labor, and components are covered in the warranty, the point to be seen is that if you are buying a battery oriented machine than there will be a separate warranty of battery, which will be limited alike other parts.
Which main thing differentiate between gas and electric weed remover?
The main key aspect is noise pollution which is greater in gas built device, electric and fuel ones are silent and smooth, which keeps the surroundings silent. The Eco-friendly nature of electric weed makes it greener marketed product.


Vastly available variety of weed cutters makes it a very difficult decision to decide which one to buy. Some customers prefer low price; some prefer high performance. It is also dependent on the size of the bushes. If your target farm is not very thick, then you can go with a relatively cheaper machine with relatively low performance. On the other hand, if the farm is thick, then you can go with high performance, a bit costly machine. It is merely dependent on the requirements of the buyer.

Each brand, machine, and model has its advantages and disadvantages. Some are feature-oriented, some are price-oriented, and some are the combo of both, which makes decision power more complicated. Rational decision making is complicated nowadays due to immense competition.

You will find our detailed review of each machine very helpful in the choice-making while buying your desired device. There are complete details described in our review which make things simpler.

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